The Cooper School Daily

Growing and Glowing

Week of February 18-21

Time to Celebrate!

At The Cooper School we celebrate each student’s birthday with a Birthday Circle. During the Birthday Circle, the birthday child walks around a model of the sun, holding the globe to represent each year of his or her life. As the student walks and the class sings, one of his or her parents shares a story about their child’s life. Afterwards, students may play a game or listen to a read aloud. Families often choose to bring their child’s favorite treat or donate a book to the library in their child’s honor. 


First Graders have been hard at work reflecting on and writing about what they do well and the areas in which they feel they need to improve. These reflections are about academic, social, and emotional areas as they prepare for student-led conferences. They also have chosen a just-right book that they can read independently and wrote about their favorite part. Additionally, they each wrote a summary of their book. We are proud of their tremendous growth as learners!

Aboriginal Art

As we continue our study of Australia, its biomes and its people, the children utilized a painting technique common among the Aborigines. The dot painting was done on brown kraft paper and involved using Q tips and many colors of paint! The students composed an original drawing which they decorated with dots of many colors! They are quite lovely!

Important Dates

Thursday, February 27 1st Grade Class Social- 3pm-4pm

March 2, 2020, 12:00pm – March 3, 2020, 4:00pm:    Student Led Conferences

Thursday, March 5 Middle School Info Session