The Cooper School Daily

Growing Artists

Social Studies
This week in Social Studies we continued our study of geography. After learning about important landforms like mountains, plains, hills, rivers, lakes, and oceans, students got the chance to explore weather and seasons. Our planet has a lot of complex systems and students came up with some really excellent questions, like, “How many lakes on Earth are salty?” and, “How big does a body of water have to be to make it an ocean?” We have a very curious group of learners!

Each week students begin their vocabulary study with a read-aloud. Throughout the week, we learn and practice six words from the read aloud text. Students get a chance to create their own examples, make connections, and use the word in a variety of contexts. Thursday is a favorite day for vocabulary because the students get to act out the words. One by one, they take the “stage” to act out one of the words and let their classmates guess which word they demonstrated. It is a fun and exciting way of learning new words and makes vocabulary a favorite time of day for these First Graders!

Artist Statements
During Center time this week, students met in small groups to create Artist Statements. These pieces of writing will accompany their artwork at our annual Art Walk event at the end of January. With support, First Graders crafted statements about why they enjoy art, which materials they enjoy working with, and how creating art makes them feel. They are very excited to share these special pieces of writing with their families at the 2017 Art Walk.

Important Dates
•   Monday, January 16 – MLK Jr. Day, No School
•   Monday, January 23 – Study Trip to Charleston Stage
•   Friday, January 27 – Art Walk, 8:00am