The Cooper School Daily

Growing Second Graders


Second Graders have started their rock study this week! Students started this study by investigating three groups of rock; basalt, tuff, and scoria. With their science partners, Second Graders used magnifying lenses to take a closer look at their rocks while rubbing them together and submerging them under water. Ask your scientist what they discovered about their rocks!


Scholars were thrilled to start their poetry unit this week, they got to work right away! Scholars reviewed different ways to express themselves, their interests, and feelings through poetry. Focusing on rhythm, students practiced finding the rhythm in different poems and reading them aloud. 


Second Graders did such a great job with their Self-Assessments earlier this week! We loved having families in the classroom and watching each Second Grader talk about their growth and accomplishments so far this year. 

Important Dates:

March 28-April 1: Spring Break