The Cooper School Daily

Halloween , Changemakers & More !!!

Halloween Carnival  

Third Graders were so excited to celebrate Halloween at The Cooper School this week! Middle School organized and ran an amazing Halloween Carnival where our entire school enjoyed many carnival games. We loved seeing all of our students’ creativity in their costumes and were so thankful to spend the holiday with the whole school. Our day wrapped up with some exciting costume awards as Third Graders celebrated all of our school’s winners.   

Change Makers Presentation

Third Graders were so excited to present their changemakers to parents on Thursday afternoon. Our scholars worked incredibly hard on this presentation! Students learned so much about the changemaker they chose and how their person changed the world. Third Graders have been inspired throughout this project to go out and make an impact in our community. We hope you enjoyed our presentation!!!


This week in math we started a new math unit on addition and subtraction within 1,000. Students learned how to represent numbers in different ways using manipulatives.  Our Mathematicians used base-ten blocks, base-ten diagrams, expanded form numbers and word form to represent numbers. We can’t wait to dig deeper into this unit!! 

Important Dates 

  • November 7th-8th – Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)   
  • November 18th – Harvest Festival (11:30am Dismissal)
  • November 21st-25th – Thanksgiving Break (No School)