The Cooper School Daily

Halloween Fun!


We started off the week by building and decomposing a kilogram. Students explored a pan balance scale as well as a spring scale to weigh various objects around the classroom. We have discovered that 10 is a magic number! Students ended the week by being able to solve one-step word problems involving metric weight and are moving into weighing liquid volume!


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! This week’s centers were Halloween themed starting with some Halloween multiplication and word problems. For writing, students created a “roll-a-story” Halloween style in which they rolled a die to choose a spooky character, setting, and a conflict. During center time, students took turns carving a pumpkin with Ms. Renee!

Social Studies

This week has been a blast! Everybody has finished their timelines which are such a nice visual representation of all the research they have completed. We have started work on our persuasive essay from the perspective of our Change Maker! It has been awesome watching everybody lend their voices to their respective activists. 

Important Dates:

November 6th- Distance Learning Day

November 9th and 10th- Parent/Teacher Conferences- 11:30 Dismissal

November 20- 11:30 Dismissal