The Cooper School Daily

Halloween is around the corner!


Students have started a new novel this week Maniac Magee. Students identified the main characters, their feelings and summarized Part 1 of the novel. Next, week students will begin reading and researching Westward expansion. It will be an exciting new unit!



Students have been enjoying our unit on Geometry. Students have identified different types of triangles, classified quadrilaterals, measured angles with protractors and made tessellations with pattern blocks. Today, we created tessellations, polygon pictures and quadrilateral diagrams.

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This week, we are wrapping up our unit on Models and Designs. Students have created a final project and will be presenting their designs on next Tuesday. Next, week we will begin a Social Studies unit on U.S. History covering 1777-2016.


Halloween Carnival

The Halloween Carnival is next week! It will take place Monday, October 31st. Students should finish constructing all the materials of their booths and their sign. Set up will be Monday morning at 8am. Bring all your supplies!

8:00- Arrival and Set up

9:45- Whole School Read Aloud

10:00- Halloween Parade

10:10- Carnival Games




Important Dates

October 31st– Halloween Carnival -1/2 day

November 4th– Free Dress day

November 10th & 11th– ½ day and Conferences

November 22- Harvest Feast