The Cooper School Daily

Hands-On Learning!

Art Explorations

Last week, your artists began their six-week course known as Art Explorations. This is a special program offered to 5th grade only as part of their middle school preparations. Each 5th grader picked music, art, or creative writing as a topic they wanted to explore more and be challenged in. On Fridays, they meet with Hazel, Kerry, or Anne Wil for this class. If your child has any interest in trying out for School of the Arts this is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for portfolios and auditions.   Ask your child what they are working on in Art Explorations!


Science Fair

It is time for the annual TCS Science Fair and your scientists are in the spotlight! Now that each student has decided on their topic we are blazing through our Science Fair preparations. This week our focus was on gaining the background information necessary to understand the results of our experiment. Your researchers asked three important questions related to their topic, researched those questions, and organized that information into a 5-paragraph research paper. This step was very important for each child to feel like an expert in their topic. It will also help them analyze their results and write a more thoughtful conclusion at the end of their experiment.



Calling all sprinters! This week your movers stretched our their legs and ran, ran, ran. We introduced two oldies, but goodies in Movement this week: Red Light/Green Light and SPUD. Both games require students to run, and they had a blast getting all that energy out! Movement serves several purposes each week. It provides practice with basic skills, such as throwing, catching, kicking, and running. It promotes teamwork and sportsmanship because all games are team or group games. It also improves health by getting our bodies moving. Ask your child which game they preferred in Movement this week.


Important Dates


Tuesday, Feb. 7                     Parent Coffee, 8-9am

Friday, Feb. 10                       Valentine’s Bake Sale (2:15pm)

Tuesday, Feb. 14                   Valentine’s Day Concert (Circular Church)

Mon and Tue, Feb 20-21     February Break, No School

Tuesday, Feb. 28                   Science Fair, 8:00 – 8:45 am

Tuesday, Feb. 28                   Study Trip, Peter and the Starcatcher 9:30-11:30