The Cooper School Daily

Happy 2018!

One Word

As we do every year, The Cooper School students spent the week reflecting on their “one word”. The one word movement is a way to replace the traditional New Year’s Resolution with something more broad and transcendent throughout the year. Students and teachers think about what’s important to them and what their goals are for the year. Then, they choose a word that represents these goals and can help them be successful. My word this year is “determined”. What’s your word?

Science Fair

It is time for the annual TCS Science Fair and your scientists are in the spotlight! Now that each student has decided on their topic we are blazing through our Science Fair preparations. Next week our focus will be on gaining the background information necessary to understand the results of our experiment. Your researchers will be asking three important questions related to their topic, researching those questions, and organizing that information into a 5-paragraph research paper. These science experts will analyze their results and write a thoughtful conclusion at the end of their experiment.


This week your mathematicians have been working with pie!! Pie graphs, that is. They started off the week by comparing a circle graph to a bar graph and noticed that not only are circle graphs round, but each section is displayed with a percent and all the sections add up to 100 percent. On Wednesday, each student practiced measuring sections of a circle graph with a percent circle. Students practiced reading percent graphs and converting fractions to percents. Students will begin Unit 6 next week!


Important Dates

Monday, January 15th– MLK Day-No School

Friday January 19th– Research Paper for Science Fair Due

Monday January 22nd– Organizer for Science Fair Due

Tuesday, January 23rd– Field Trip to see The Giver

January 25th– Art Walk 8-9am