The Cooper School Daily

Happy Days

Chapter Book Authors

Our First Grade writers have been working so hard on their All-About topics. They have brainstormed their topics and created rough drafts of their writings using pictures. We are so excited because now our scholars are working on building their ideas into their very own chapter book! This week they have focused hard on learning all about how to write their very own Table of Contents. We have been so impressed by the topics our students have chosen and we cannot wait to publish these chapter books!

Non-Fiction Readers

Our fantastic readers have been working hard practicing reading their non-fiction books. All year, we have been working on building good reading habits. For our non-fiction unit each reader’s book bag has been filled with books about insects. This has allowed our scholars to practice the reading habits they have built while also learning facts about insects. We are wrapping up the unit with a pretend “tea” party where we will sit and discuss all the facts we have learned through our reading.


Our versatile First Graders love all of their specials. However, there is a special level of excitement on the days we have PE/Movement with Mr. Temani. Our First Graders begin PE by warming up their bodies with running and stretching. Mr. Temani then teaches them fun and exciting games. This week, our new parachute came in! Our First Graders were so excited to learn classic parachute games like Cat and Mouse.

Important Dates

Fall Break- October 18 & 19 (No School)

Halloween Carnival- October 29 (11:30 dismissal)