The Cooper School Daily

Happy Fall!


Fourth Graders had an amazing experience with their in-school field trip this week.  They explored the amazing world of electricity through many hands-on experiments.  Some of the experiments included rubbing balloons in their hair to create static electricity, lit light bulbs using wires and a 6 volt battery, and so much more.  Students learned that current and static are the two types of electricity.  They also learned that there are 5 types of circuits: open, closed, short, series, and parallel.  


Fourth Graders continued learning about equivalent fractions this week.  They used fraction strips, tape diagrams, and number lines to compare equivalent fractions.  Students also learned to identify and create equivalent fractions numerically by applying their knowledge of factors and multiples. They used multiplication and division to find equivalent fractions without using diagrams.


Fourth Graders began a new reading unit on mythology this week. Students explored many myths and books on Greece and Egypt. This unit is paired with our Ancient Civilizations study in Social Studies. Be sure to ask your child all about what we are learning as we explore ancient Greece and Egypt! 

Important Dates

Fall Break – October 18th and 19th