The Cooper School Daily

Happy Halloween!

Well Wishes to Our Winged Friends
Kindergarteners have been investigating the life cycle of butterflies with a focus on the incredible monarch migration to Mexico. Young scientists have been eagerly awaiting and observing as our butterflies complete their magical metamorphosis. This week we were thrilled to find our classroom butterflies waiting to greet us, with beautiful wings ready to fly! Kindergarteners were thrilled to release our butterfly friends by sending them off with well wishes for their journey. These sweet friends thanked the butterflies for allowing us to observe them and sent them to fly the beautiful skies with words of love and kindness.

Word School
Kindergarteners have been hard at work learning SNAP words during our study of phonics! This week word wizards got a chance to show off all they have learned about important high frequency words that we see and use in our reading and writing. Kindergarten scholars spent time reviewing favorite snap word games and songs, in preparation for Word School. Students made plans to teach others the SNAP words they have learned and got a chance to teach their favorite stuffed animal by having Word School. This engaging work allowed our Kindergarteners to show off all they have learned and celebrate their hard work in phonics. 

The Case of The Decomposing Pumpkin
Kindergarteners have been deep in their study of pumpkins! Last week we read the book, Pumpkin Jack, which covers the process of a pumpkin as it decomposes. This book inspired us to set up an experiment in our classroom to observe the decomposing process. Kindergarteners spent time observing and describing the daily changes in our “Case of the Decomposing Pumpkin”. Students noticed that first the pumpkin developed a dark spot. They then noticed that it started to grow “white fuzzy bits”. Each day we have noticed more and more “white fuzz”. We wonder what will happen next!

Important Dates
November 6th – Distance Learning Day
November 9th & 10th – Parent/Teacher Conferences (11:30 Dismissal)