The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!

Outside fun!

Fifth Grade enjoys their recess time. They are always making up new, exciting games to play or volunteering to rake and sweep up the leaves after a rainstorm. A few students have invented a game that consists of notecards that they created, and they invite all ages to share in the fun. This recess time allows students to be creative and is crucial to a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development.

“Screen Time”

This week during Reading we have been discussing kids and “screen time”. Screen time includes television and internet use. Most students believe that a child’s screen time should be limited to a certain amount each week. Researchers have been diving deep into articles that cover both sides of this argument. They were asked to form an opinion after reading these articles and then discuss their opinions with their classmates. Through this unit, students are learning how to develop and defend strong arguments!

To, Too, or Two?

This week we reviewed homophones. Students are feeling more confident using certain homophones in their writing. We studied homophones such as to, two, too and their, there, and they’re. Spellers were asked to write sentences using these homophones with the correct meaning. Ask your child to explain the differences between these homophones!


Important Dates:

Friday, January 4th- Students return from Winter Break