The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!!

Holiday Migration

Students at The Cooper School participated in Whole School Morning Meetings this week to learn about how different winter holidays came to be! Scholars were delighted to make new discoveries about holidays celebrated around the world, as well as make connections amongst the variety of celebrations. This years theme was food. Scholars got to taste several different foods and learn different traditions.Ask your scholar which holiday they enjoyed learning about the most!


Building Project

Building experts have been busy drafting their buildings for their building project. Your Kindergartener then took these designs, and added black pen tracing, and colored them in.This week Kindergarteners have been been using their supplies and tools to begin constructing their buildings. It has been so exciting to see them use their imagination to construct these masterpieces. Stay tuned for our Buildings Museum once we have completed them!


Math Fanatics

This week in math our Kindergarten mathematicians have been busy going deeper into volume. We continued using our special instruments such as vases, measuring cups, glass shakers and more. We poured rice in each instrument until they were filled to the top and compared the number of scoops it took depending on the different sizes. Kindergarteners were so excited to be able to pour into each of the objects. These hands-on activities were definitely the highlight of math this week!

Candy Cane Hunt

Our secret elves came and dropped off candy canes for all the kids at The Cooper School. Each scholar went on the hunt throughout the back yard to find their own personal candy cane. It was so much fun to watch the older scholars help kindergartens look for candy canes !



Important Dates:

  • Monday, December 24 – January 3rd (Winter Break)
  • Friday, January 4- Students return to TCS