The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!

Fun and Festive Centers!

Kindergarteners spent the week engaged in fun and festive learning centers to celebrate the holiday season! Student partnerships followed steps from a book teaching how to dye noodles. The end result was a colorful array of dyed noodles that we then used to create necklaces with patterns. The beautiful dyed noodles also made their way into another collage craft. Crafty scholars also practiced following steps to create unique paper snowflakes! True to real-life snowflakes, each one they created was beautiful in its own way! 

‘Tis the Season to Read Holiday Books!

This week, students joined their Fourth Grade Reading buddies to learn about holidays celebrated around the world during this wonderful time of the year! Partnerships spent time exploring books about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Saint Lucia Day, Winter Solstice and Dios Los Posadas. This special reading time tied in closely with the school wide morning meetings we have been having this week to learn about the origins of winter holidays celebrated around the world!

Adding Details to How To Books!

Our class spent the week continuing to build on their how-to books. After focusing on making sure each detail was included in the steps of their book, Kindergarteners took a look back to add labels to each illustration. Students spent a good amount of time making sure that every detail is included and very clear to their reader. We have learned so much from our Kindergarten class on how to do so many things!

Important Dates

December 21st-January 5th- Winter Break
January 6th- School Resumes
January 8th- St. Andrew’s Gymnasium
January 20th- MLK Day (No School)
January 22nd- St. Andrew’s Gymnasium
January 31st- Art Walk