The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!

Experiment Morning MeetingScience Symposium

Experimenting with force, balance, and motion concluded by presenting our lab reports for friends and family. Students were eager to share their scientific data they had collected. They each explained their step by step procedures that they followed presented their conclusions with supporting research. Parents had an opportunity to join in on the fun by experimenting and comparing their results to the students.

Holiday Celebrations

This week in whole school morning meetings, students and teachers investigated unique traditions and holidays that occur around the world during December and January. This year’s focus was music, and how each holiday incorporates music into their special holiday celebrations. Cooper School children discovered why girls in Sweden dress in white to portray St. Lucia and light a crown of candles every year on December 13th. They learned and sang along enthusiastically to a Kwanzaa song celebrating light. Students discovered how important the role of light is in Las Posadas, a Mexican celebration that lasts from December 16th to Christmas Eve and includes a candle- lit procession of children and parents through town. Students lit the menorah and played dreidel for our Chanukkah celebration. We enjoyed read alouds of Christmas customs and traditions. On our final day of celebration, students discovered how people celebrate Winter Solstice around the world with bonfires and candles to coax back the sun.

We all shared stories of how we celebrate during this season and enjoyed comparing our own family traditions. All the children delighted in learning something new about holidays celebrated around the world!

Pajama Project

Thank you TCS families for contributing warm pajamas for Carolina Youth Development Center! The Cooper School donated several pairs of pajamas this year! CYDC has been caring for kids in the Lowcountry and coastal South Carolina for over 220 years. We are proud to support such a wonderful cause.

To conclude our pajama drive, we celebrated by getting comfortable in our own cozy clothes. Students had a fun day filled exciting holiday read alouds, holiday inspired learning centers, and a sparkling candy cane hunt. We hope you have a beautiful and happy holiday season!

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 – School Resumes