The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!

Social Studies

After weeks of learning about American History, we decided to put all that knowledge to good (and fun!) use. Your historians paired up and selected a topic from this week’s history lessons. They then used that topic to create a board or card game. The topics were Civil War, Transcontinental Railroad, Cattle Drive, and Life on the Plains. Some groups created card games similar to War, some created board games similar to Monopoly, and others created new games all together! On Thursday, we all got together and played everyone’s games. Ask your child what kind of game they made this week! 

photo-dec-14-1-03-49-pm   photo-dec-13-11-13-24-am


With all this holiday shopping happening lately, it is a good thing we are reviewing our knowledge of fractions, decimals, and percents in math this week! Your mathematicians have practiced converting fractions to decimals using division and the toggle key on their calculators. They also used pattern blocks to help convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers. On Wednesday, partners played Frac-Tac-Toe to practice these skills as well. Quiz your child on how to convert 14/3 into a mixed number. They will surely wow you with their knowledge!


 Pajama Day

On Friday, we celebrated the start of Winter Break with Pajama Day! Pajama Day marks the culmination of our week-long pajama drive where students collect pajamas for local kids in need. I have to say, I think the fifth graders donated the CUTEST pajamas of all! Thank you for your support in this effort.


Important Dates

Monday, Dec. 19                               Winter Break begins!

Wednesday, Jan 4                             Return to School

Monday, Jan. 16                                MLK Day, No School