The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!

img_2333Math Project

Throughout the year, First Graders engage in several week-long math projects. This week we participated in a project called “Gift Wrap” in which students create wrapping paper for the winter holiday season. Armed with pattern-block templates, students traced patterns onto large sheets of butcher paper. Once their patterns were planned, they got to use paint and pattern blocks to stamp colors onto their wrapping paper, adding another level of complexity to their patterns.

Reading Workshop

First Grade students are working hard to learn about and identify story elements in the books they read. They can now identify characters and setting, and discuss the plot in a number of ways. This week, students focused on identifying moments when characters were having “big feelings.” Once that was done, they could then discern what in the story was making their character feel that way. It sounds simple enough, but determining cause and effect is an ongoing reading skill that reaches up into middle and high school!

Candy Cane Hunt20161216_110100

On Friday of this week, TCS students gathered in their colorful pajamas for a highly anticipated holiday tradition: the Candy Cane Hunt. During Whole School Choir, candy canes adorned with individual student names were hidden all over the backyard. The challenge: to search for your specific candy cane. Students were given mixed-grade partners and sent off on the hunt. It was wonderful to watch older students help younger ones, and to see the surprise and joy when pesky candy canes were finally located!


Important Dates
•   December 17 – January 3 – Winter Break, No School
•   Wednesday, January 4 – School Resumes
•   Thursday, January 12 – Parent Forum, 5:45-6:45pm
•   Monday, January 16 – MLK Jr. Day, No School