The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!

Polar Discoveries!

This week our First Grade scholars continued our study of biomes, zooming–in on the Polar Biome, specifically the Arctic Circle! First Grade friends learned all about the countries that make up the Arctic Circle by studying maps and a globe. Scholars were introduced to the idea of indigenous people and learned about the Inuit people of the Arctic! First Grade friends enjoyed reading a variety of non-fiction texts about the Arctic during Reading Workshop and shared many wonders. These curious scholars spent time studying interesting pictures of the Inuit and Arctic lands while participating in a “write-around” activity to share their thoughts and wonders. Ask your First Grader what they most enjoyed discovering about the Arctic this week!

Exploring Place Value and Comparing Numbers

 Mathematicians launched Unit 5 in Math this week! First Grade friends spent time exploring place value with base ten blocks on place value mats. Mathematicians were able to practice building numbers to explore the ones and tens place values. This hands-on activity helps to build place value knowledge and number sense. Scholars spent time reviewing relational symbols to compare two numbers. These brave scholars used all they know to identify numbers using the language, “greater than and less than”.

Holiday Migration

 Students at The Cooper School participated in Whole School Morning Meetings this week to learn about how different winter holidays came to be, and specifically how light is important to each one! Scholars were delighted to make new discoveries about holidays celebrated around the world, as well as make connections amongst the variety of celebrations. Students learned how light is a valued component across holidays. Ask your scholar which holiday they enjoyed learning about the most!

Important Dates:

 Friday, December 22nd                           Winter Break Begins

Thursday, January 4th                            School Resumes