The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!

Mommy E
This week Kinder-buddies unlocked the reading secret of Mommy E! Students discovered that when Mommy E sits at the end of a word, or is one letter away from another vowel, she will tell that vowel, “You say your name!”  Then she covers her mouth and won’t talk. We looked at the ways that Mommy E at the end of a word can change words like “tap” to “tape”or “hop” to “hope”. Students also learned that if Mommy E is NOT at the end of a word , or is MORE than one letter away from another vowel, that vowel gets to be short and lazy…because his/her mom is not right there.

Ornament Addition
Students were so excited to get into the holiday spirit this week with a math game for the season. Students used dice to roll two numbers, add them together, and fill a tree with that many pom-pom “ornaments”. Students were so excited to show off their math AND tree decorating skills. We loved seeing all of the fun they were having while learning.

Our Holiday Festival
Kindergarteners were so excited to join the whole school for a holiday celebration to wrap up 2021. Students explored our backyard to learn all about holidays celebrated around the world, from Christmas, to Hanukkah, to Las Posada, to Kwanzaa, and even Winter Solstice! We loved getting the opportunity to share the excitement of this day with our eager learners. Students participated in gift making, wrapping paper designs, cookie decorating, and card making. Happy Holidays to all of our TCS families!

Important Dates:
December 16th – Winter Festival/PJ Day (11:30am Dismissal)
December 19th-January 2nd – Winter Break (No School)
January 16th – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)