The Cooper School Daily

Happy Holidays!! Goodbye 2017

Scientists and Lab Reports

     What an amazing job these Second Graders did this past Monday presenting their lab reports! They truly worked for hours on end preparing for their first ever presentation on the scientific process. We saw students talking about making hypotheses and testing their results. They discussed how they came to their conclusions based on the results from their experiment. As writers, they showed great writing strength using bold new scientific terminology and procedural writing. Hard work really paid off as we ended this year with a bang!! Tri-folds came home this week, as did their new derby cars!!


Downhill Derby Racing

     All week, the students have been revving their excitement for Thursday’s derby give away and mega ramp extraordinaire! Students were fueled up and ready to race after cars were selected at the end of the day. We tested the racers on two different surfaces before our finale down the slide. We ended the day writing thank you cards to Brooke’s father, Mr. Abe, and celebrating Austin’s birthday with his family and new baby brother.


“We Know Why It’s Called a Parallelogram!”

    An actual quote from two students one morning this week after coming to the realization of how the parallelogram got its name. This week in Everyday Math, we’ve been investigating quadrilaterals (or quadrangles) and parallel lines. The idea of line segments or lines being parallel is a very difficult concept to predict when first learning about shapes and angles. Have your child identify as many parallel lines around the house or your neighbor’s house over the break. We used pattern block templates to draw right angles and polygons (closed shapes made of straight lines). Practicing connecting dots with a ruler is also a new skill that should be reinforced at home.

Have a wonderful Winter Break!!! From Davis and Brooke, we wish you the best of times with your family and loved ones. See you bright and early on January 4th!


Friday, December 22nd                      Winter Break Begins

Thursday, January 4th                  School Resumes