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Happy Holidays in Fourth Grade!

Photos Below: Fourth Graders use a simulation spinner during their American Revolution simulation at Valley Forge.  Students also create a paper “estrella star” for our holiday study of Las Posadas.  .  

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies, Fourth Graders continued their American Revolution Simulations. Scholars simulated characters that were present at Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia the day the Declaration of Independence was read aloud to Colonial citizens. Students were sorted into groups of Loyalists, Patriots or Undecided Citizens. Characters also traveled to the gruesome winter weather of Valley Forge where Washington’s Continental Army was stationed.  

Reading Workshop

This week’s Reading Workshop focused on taking the events that scholars read about the American Revolution and creating a timeline.  Students learned that timelines serve as a graphic representation of a period of time. They also learned that timelines must be arranged in chronological order.  

Las Posadas 

An annual tradition at The Cooper School is our study of winter holidays and celebrations- The Holiday Migration.  This year’s theme was holiday music and students in Fourth Grade had the chance to study Las Posadas, a tradition popular in Mexico.  Las Posadas began on December 16th and lasts until December 24th.  The star is a symbol of the traditional procession. Children walk in the streets with robes of gold and silver.  Fourth Graders created “estrellas” or stars made out of paper that they will hold during our presentation as they sing songs of Las Posadas.  Traditional celebrations often include children hitting star-shaped pinatas filled with candy and treats!

Important Dates: 

December 19th – January 4th-  Winter Break

January 5th- Students return to school