The Cooper School Daily

Happy Mother’s Day!

Puppet Practice
Kindergarteners have brought their puppetry skills to life as we prepare for our upcoming How To Be A Kindergartener puppet show for the incoming Kindergarten class. Students have been rehearsing daily to memorize lines, master their blocking, use their best projection, while also entertaining their audience. We are so proud of all of the hard work and pride that they have put into their work.

3-D Fun!
Knee-deep in their study of solid shapes, Kindergarteners were so excited to construct some of their own! Students were given sheets with guided lines and directions to cut, fold, and tape together their very own cubes, cones, pyramids, and cylinders! Kindergarteners were encouraged to decorate each shape to look like something in the real world that takes the same form. We were so impressed at the tenacity and excitement of Kindergarteners as they each cut and pieced together their own creations, and then attached them to yarn to create some 3-D shape mobiles for our classroom!

Writing About Our Reading
As reading stamina increases our Kindergarten readers have been bursting with excitement to share funny or exciting parts of their books. This week, Kindergarten readers spent time writing about their reading to try and convince other people to read the same books! These young readers and writers have learned that the best way to convince someone is to give them LOTS of reasons!

Important Dates:
May 26th – Teacher Work Day (No School)
May 29th – Memorial Day (No School)
June 1st – Half Day (11:30am Dismissal)
June 2nd – Field Day/Last Day of School (11:30am Dismissal)