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Happy New Year!

Continent Study 

Europe! Our Fifth Grade continent study is focused on Europe! We started out by discussing the four major types of biomes that are present in the continent. Geographers discussed how energy, water, air, soil, flora, and fauna are affected by each biome in Europe. Next week we will start focusing in on the different countries of Europe and really start digging into the culture.


Adding and Subtracting Decimals

In Math this week Fifth grade Mathematicians focused on adding and subtracting decimals using a variety of strategies such as the traditional method, column addition, and trade first subtraction. In class we got into different groups and each group was given a different strategy. We made posters to show examples, and then taught these different methods to the other groups.


Launching Fantasy!

This week we launched the highly anticipated Fantasy Book Clubs Unit in Fifth Grade. Readers discussed how to differentiate Fantasy from other genres by using setting, characters, and plot themes. During book clubs, students are responsible for setting goals, leading discussions, and keeping each other on task as a group. Our Readers always love the sense of independence that comes along with book clubs! Ask your child what fantastic fantasy book they are reading with their group.

Important Dates

Monday, January 21st                       MLK Day- NO School

Tuesday, January 22nd-                    Number the Stars at Dock Street Theater


Thursday, January 31st-                    Art Walk