The Cooper School Daily

Happy New Year!

Kindergarten Avid Readers
This week Kindergarteners investigated what it means to be an avid reader. We discovered that avid readers are readers that love reading so much that they can hardly bear to stop reading! Kindergarteners spent time investigating photographs of avid readers to discover what avid readers look like and what they do. These observant scholars noticed that avid readers read a LOT! Avid readers also find places everywhere to read and keep LOTS of books in-waiting! We noticed that avid readers also REALLY pay attention to the books they are reading and they just can’t stop reading! Kindergarteners were thrilled to take on the role of avid readers! 

Vowel Power
This week in our study of phonics, Kindergarteners discovered that EVERY word has at least one vowel. Scholars spent time checking their own writing in their writing folders to be sure that each of the words in their writing included a vowel. Kindergarteners went on a vowel hunt around the room and even got vowel shields to help activate their vowel power! Ask your Kindergartener to tell you all about their vowel power!

A New View
Kindergarteners were thrilled to return to school this week and see their friends after our long Winter Break! As they entered our classroom they discovered that we had rearranged furniture and students all had new seats! These exciting changes allowed for students to get a new view of the classroom and to sit with different peers at their table spots! 

Important Dates
January 18 – MLK Day – No School
February 15 – February 16 – February Break