The Cooper School Daily

Happy New Year!

American Revolution

This week, our Fourth Graders have been working on their papers and projects about the American Revolution. This includes their soldier diaries, papers on the Revolutionary War, and timelines. On Tuesday we began our American Revolution simulation where they chose a role to play and we discussed what life would have been like in 1774. In the simulation, students were reading about the events leading up to the war and got to decide whether to be patriots, loyalists, or undecided citizens following events such as the Boston Tea Party that resulted in colonists questioning their ties to Great Britain and King George III.


In math, we continued to learn about place value. We recently learned about the hundred-thousands place value and the students put together a number line from zero to seven-hundred thousand. Miss Brooke wrote a set of numbers on the board and the students were tasked with writing them on sticky notes and placing the notes in the right place on the number line. There were about twenty numbers total and students worked in pairs or groups of three.

New Student

Following the break, we welcomed a new student named Stella into our class. On Tuesday, every student wrote Stella a welcome note along with one thing they loved about The Cooper School. She previously shadowed the school one day in December and we are so glad she has decided to join our Fourth Grade Family!

Important dates:

  • January 17: MLK Day- No School
  • January 25: American Revolution Presentation