The Cooper School Daily

Happy New Year!

One Word
We were very excited to introduce Kindergarteners to an old Cooper School tradition, One Word for the New Year! In a class discussion, students considered the aspects of their life they’d like to improve this year. After careful consideration, students chose one word they really wanted to focus on this year. We have so many new goals set in our classroom this year, including ‘listen’, ‘mindful’, ‘brave’, and ‘inventive’! It’s so exciting to see young minds building on their vocabulary and applying it to their own lives!

Addition & Subtraction
Kindergarteners have been abuzz and excited to show off all of their math skills. Students have taken off writing addition and subtraction problems and using all of their tools to solve them. Kindergarteners have shown that they can use a drawing, count with their fingers, or even use 5-groups to help them find the sum or difference. We are so proud of our brave mathematicians!

Students could not wait to start our next Social Studies unit this week, our clothing study! This week, we talked all about the purposes of clothing. Kindergarteners know we wear clothes for modesty, protection, communication, or decoration! We talked all week about different examples of each type – police uniforms, sunglasses, Halloween costumes! Kinderbuddies even got to hone their clothing care skills in Centers in our TCS Laundromat imagination station! Some even practiced and perfected their ability to fold.

Important Dates:
January 12 – Cooper Clusters (Free Dress Day)
January 16 – MLK Jr Day (No School)
February 3rd – 100th Day of School