The Cooper School Daily

Happy October!


We have launched our new Social and Emotional Learning Unit … Curiosity! Our students are excited to talk about all the things they are curious about. We are working on filling up our Wonder Wall where our students can post questions they have about the world around them. Our curious First Graders are encouraging each other to keep asking questions!

We Know All About

Our First Graders have been working so hard on their new writings. Each student has brainstormed topics that they know all about. We have been blown away about what our First Graders know all about. This week, they chose their final topic that they are going to write about. They have practiced telling stories through illustrations and then students practiced their public speaking skills by presenting to their classmates their illustrations.

Solving Word Problems

Our mathematicians have been working hard on their math unit. They have learned how to build equations from story problems. We have practiced using math language to describe subtraction and addition in real world situations. They have used math manipulatives, drawn pictures, and practiced making their own story problems to show off their understanding. We feel so proud of our mathematicians.

Important Dates

October 18th & 19th: Fall Break (No School)

October 29th: Halloween Carnival (11:30 Dismissal)