The Cooper School Daily

Happy Pass It On!

Persuasive Writing
Kindergarten writers have been busy writing up a storm in our persuasive unit! These writers have discovered the formula to sharing their opinions and convincing others. These young writers know that in order to convince someone, they need to give lots of reasons in their writing. Students collaborated on a shared writing to create a petition to help keep the backyard clean at The Cooper School. These young scholars were delighted to see that they were so convincing in their reasons that older peers lined up to sign their petition! Kindergarteners are making big changes in our school community!

Kindergarteners were excited to use all of their new math skills to begin subtraction this week! As students have worked to master addition and number sentences, Kindergarteners were ready for a challenge. This week, we introduced the subtraction symbol and practiced taking away from numbers. Young mathematicians blew us away with their excitement and bravery trying something new!

Clothing with a Purpose
This week, students spent time exploring some of the world’s most recent and impressive inventions in fashion. Our classroom was filled with excitement as we learned all about a hoodie with a pillow attached to its hood (for napping), a backpack with a retracting umbrella (for rain and sun!), as well as a new pair of shoes that help the owner run faster. Kindergarteners couldn’t wait to brainstorm and put their own creative ideas on paper!

Important Dates:
May 7th – Half Day (11:30am Dismissal) Virtual Pass It On Presentation 5pm
May 21st – Biome Fashion Show
May 31st – Memorial Day (No School)