The Cooper School Daily

Happy Spring Break!


This week we are finishing up our Fifth Grade podcasts. The students have been working for weeks by meeting with their partners, writing up a script, and recording themselves for our Podcast Challenge. There are so many different and interesting topics that the students chose, from how to be a good friend, to writing up a movie review. Students used GarageBand to record themselves and I will be sending them in over Spring Break!

Poems Galore!

Students are preparing their work for Pass It On this year. We have been learning about many different types of poems: sonnets, epic poems, and free verse poems. This week we finished our study of Greece. Students worked on epic poems (really long, narrative poems), researched the greek gods, and learned about heros and villians in Greek Mythology. Ask your child what they learned about Greek Mythology this week!

Dividing Decimals

Mathematicians this week have been working hard on multiplying and dividing decimals by whole numbers. We have been practicing different strategies to use when doing this hard work! One of the strategies involves using powers of 10 to move the decimal point to the right and to the left to make it easier to multiply and divide. Students are using the powers of 10 strategies they learned last week to support their learning this week! Ask your child to explain how to multiply and divide the decimal number sentences below.

84.12/ 4 =                       6.42/ 3=


Important Dates

    • March 25-29 Spring Break
    • Saturday, April 6- Spring Planting Party