The Cooper School Daily

Happy Spring Break!

Social Studies

Our historians started their European Explorers unit for Social Studies last week. They are reading Around the World in a Hundred Years as an introduction to some of the world’s most famous explorers such as Vasco de Gama, Juan Ponce de Leon, Ferdinand Magellan, and many more. Once they finish the book, each student will choose an explorer of their choice to study in depth. They will launch a project to teach the class more about that person and will present them at the end of the unit.


For reading and writing, our poets are focused on writing poems the way they want them to be read aloud. They’ve been practicing reciting poems as a class and have been independently working on perfecting stanzas and line breaks. In addition, we had a wonderful workshop with second and third grade last week to get inspiration for their tribute poems to Hallie Hill for Pass It On.


Our poetry unit could not have come at a better time than when the students are studying Curiosity for SEL. They have been focusing on all 5 senses during reading, writing, and centers to get inspired as poets. They’re asking themselves deeper questions about what a sound reminds them of or what they picture when they smell a certain scent. We love getting to nourish their already curious minds even more every day through lessons and simple conversations.

Important Dates:

April 3-10 – Spring Break (No School)

April 13 – Cooper Clusters (Dress Down Day)

April 26 – Spring Choir Concert (1:45pm – 2:30pm)

May 4 – Pass It On (11:30am Dismissal)