The Cooper School Daily

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Our investigation into the Structures of Life has begun with seeds. Students investigated where to find seeds. They discussed the things needed to help seeds grow and then attempted to sprout seeds using just water. Each day, Third Graders have been wetting and observing a variety of seeds to watch for signs of growth. They were excited when some of the seeds started to poke out tiny sprouts! Next, they devised a way to measure how much water a lima bean seed can take on. Using pan balances and gram cubes, they measured the weight of the dry seeds before letting them soak overnight. Ask your student how many grams of water their seeds absorbed!



Spring is the time for poetry at The Cooper School! We launched our annual whole school poetry unit this week and students across all grades were excited to get going. This is a time of year that students and teachers look forward to. The classrooms are flooded with poetry, from reading and writing to read alouds and centers, poetry takes over in a beautiful way. Third Graders are learning how skilled readers analyze poetry and transfer those observations to their writing of poetry. Using their “poet eyes”, students have been writing poetry about a wide variety of topics.



Multiply, times, multiplication, equal groups, division, and divide are just some of the words that are being used in abundance this week in math. This whole unit is focused on the relationship between multiplication and division and the importance of fact power. Students examined their Multiplication and Division Facts Table and colored in the facts they already know in a snap. They also colored in one half of the fact table because of their knowledge of turn around facts, knowing that if you know 3×6=18 you also know that 6×3=18. They quickly realized that there are not a whole lot of facts left that they don’t know! Help your Third Grader practice their multiplication facts to gain that fact power.





Important Dates

Saturday, March 24th                        Spring Planting Party

Monday, March 26th                          Third Grade Radio Show, 1:45

Friday, March 30th                             Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                               Return from Spring Break