The Cooper School Daily

Happy Thanksgiving!

From gratitude placemats to gratitude books, from thankfulness in thought to thankfulness in action,DSCN0270 this First Grade class is ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

We discussed how to show and receive gratitude, and how sometimes a simple smile can be all you need to say “thank you.” First Grade students learned about what the Pilgrims ate (and how huge their napkins were!), what they wore, how they learned, and what Pilgrim children did for fun. They learned about Massasoit and Squanto, and how difficult the first winter in Plymouth was for the colonists. Most importantly, they learned how this story connects to the feast and traditions that we celebrate today.

TCS students sang their hearts out at the Harvest Feast Concert and enjoyed the amazing food that families brought to share.

From all of us in First Grade, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, filled with grateful hearts and full tummies.


Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, November 30 – School resumes
  • Friday, December 18 – Pajama Day, half day – 11:30am dismissal
  • Saturday, December 19 through Monday, January 4 – Winter Break
  • Tuesday, January 5 – School resumes