The Cooper School Daily

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Move Up Day

On Monday, kindergarteners got to experience what it’s like to be a first grader. Mr12694663_1138450112832456_8823471571301318659_o. Noah gave the children a  tour of the classroom and they wrote about something special they saw. Majority of the kindergarteners were excited to see the classroom pet turtles. Kindergarteners were then delighted to learn all about ants as a preview to the big insect unit that is taught in first grade. They loved learning all about how they move, what they eat, and their body parts. Kindergarteners drew detailed pictures of the parts of an ant. Kindergarteners are thrilled to be learning so much this year so that they will be ready to rock it out!

Valentine’s Day Concert& Bake Sale

On Friday, kindergarteners showed that hard work and focus on performance can really wow a crowd! In front of parents, teachers, 12698372_1141021959241938_6399532553907921916_oand friends, students sang festive songs with poise and skill.  Led by Hazel Ketchum and Tom Noren, Cooper School students once again proved that performance and presentation come as naturally to them as any other part of their academic day. Kindergarteners then enjoyed wonderful and delicious treats made by volunteers during our Valentine’s Day Bake Sale. Thank you to all the parents and friends that came and supported the students and baked such tasty treats!!

Kindergartener Coin Investigators

Kindergarten scholars have been busy investigating coins during math this week. Young mathematicians examined the attributes and values of pennies and nickels. Students took turns exchanging five pennies for a nickel to better understand the value of each coin. Students have been busy counting by fives during our daily calendar routine to count how many days we have been in school. Ask your kindergartener to tell you what they know about pennies and nickels!

Important Dates:

  • February 15 and 16th No School
  • February 19th Biome Fashion Show @ 2:00