The Cooper School Daily

Hard Working Kindergarteners

Buildings Wrap Up
This week, Kindergarteners worked hard to finish building projects as they gear up to show them to their parents next week. Students did final checks to make sure all doors, windows, and roofs were secure. They chose paint colors, added flowers, as well as any final touches to their skyscraper, castle, home or business. Our young architects are so excited to show off the designs that they have brought to life!

Mardi Gras
Kindergarteners were excited to have parent visitors stop by this week to teach us all about Mardi Gras. Our guests brought a book to share teaching us all about the New Orleans tradition. Students were excited to dig into a slice of King Cake and celebrate together. Our special guests even brought beads and doubloons to share! We are so grateful.

Cooper Village
This week, Kindergarteners got the opportunity to scope out Second Grades’ Cooper Village project. Second Graders have been working hard to build a town of their own, considering the careers and contributions of each of its members that allow it to function. Older students pieced together the entire Cooper Village, complete with a school, hospital, grocery store, as well as many other essential businesses. Kindergartners were excited and inspired to see the work of their peers and siblings as they are beginning constructing biome buildings of their own!

Important Dates:
March 7th & 8th – Self-Assessment Conferences
March 28th-April 1st – Spring Break