The Cooper School Daily

Hard Working Second Graders

Writing Story Problems

This week in math students were practicing writing math story problems. Students were given numbers and equations and had to create story problems that matched. Between pinecones, cookies, and shoes there were so many different story problems being created. It was exciting to see students come up with their own ideas and see their creativity shine in math. At the end students shared their questions with each other to see if their classmates could solve it!


Second grade students have been working so hard on identifying and understanding story elements. Students have been breaking down and analyzing books to dive deeper into the meaning and the importance of the characters. Nearing the end of the unit, students are using all the tools they used to write a summary of their books. It is a great tool for second graders to fully understand the characters emotions as well as the lesson the book is trying to teach.

Bird Study Presentation

Second graders are getting very excited for the upcoming presentation. This week students have begun typing and creating their presentations. Using their keyboarding skills students are typing up all the important research they have found about their board. They are also learning how to create a Powerpoint as well as how to insert images! They are having so much fun learning new tools and are excited to share it very soon!

Important Dates:

May 22 – 25 Spirit Week!

May 25th Bird Study Presentations

May 26th Teacher Work Day (No School)

May 29th Memorial Day (No School)

June 2nd Last Day of School & Field Day (Half Day)