The Cooper School Daily

Hard Working Third Graders !!!

Asia Presentation 

This week, Third Graders were thrilled to present the final product of their Asia Study. They have been working hard for the past weeks, researching, constructing, and learning about Chinese culture to share with their families. The school library was a showcase for all things Asia, representing the many aspects of this study and the students’ artwork. Third Graders then shared their speeches about their values, beliefs and what they learned about culture. We were ecstatic to share our culture tree with you all. They did an amazing job and showed such maturity and poise in their presentations.


This week in math scholars dove into fractions. Scholars have been enjoying this new unit so far. Scholars were able to partition paper strips into halves, fourths, eighths, thirds and sixths. Third graders were able to understand how non-unit fractions are made out of unit fractions. We can’t wait to dig deeper into fractions with our class.

Self Assessment

Third Graders have spent a great deal of time creating, organizing and editing their documents for student led conferences next week! These young scholars have been doing the challenging work of self-reflecting and it has been a beautiful process to witness.They are thrilled to be doing the big work of leading a conference with you next week!

Important Dates:

  • March 6th & 7th – Student Led Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)   
  • March 15th – Dock Street Theater field trip (9:30am)