The Cooper School Daily

Hardworking Second Graders


Second Graders continued their Rock Study this week, starting off with a rock excursion around the school, Second Graders started to wonder how certain earth materials end up in different places. Taking a closer look into what each material can be used for, Second Graders created sand sculptures and clay beads.


Scholars have been expanding their knowledge of addition and subtraction with three digit numbers. Using various strategies to solve equations, Scholars moved into a new stage of a class favorite game, How Close? Ask your Scholar to share this game at home, all you need is a deck of cards!


Second Grade Poets had the opportunity to work on poems they wish to nominate as this year’s tribute poem for Pass It On. All proceeds of this year’s Pass It On will be donated to Save the Children. Second Graders have taken this opportunity to reflect on what others are going through and have empathized with them, they’ve shared these different emotions through their poems. 

Important Dates:

April 15-18: April Break

April 28: TCS Spring Auction & Gala