The Cooper School Daily

Hardworking Third Graders !!


This week, Third Graders were thrilled to present the final product of their Asia Study. They have been working hard for the past weeks researching, constructing, and practicing their topic to share with their families. The school library was a showcase for all things Asia, representing the many aspects of this study and the students’ artwork. Third Graders then shared their speeches about their chosen Chinese Culture topic. They did an amazing job and showed such maturity and poise in their presentations.   


This week our mathematicians have been finding ways to divide larger numbers. Our students were able to use base ten blocks to represent where the quotient is more than ten. Scholars are super excited to divide within 100 using the strategies they have learned based on place value. Ask your scholar some fun division equations!    


This week in music our scholars have continued to film for their movie. Our scholars have been so excited to show off their fabulous costumes.Third graders have been working hard to direct their own movie and are learning to work together and activate their imaginations. We can’t wait to share this finished home-made film with you all!

Important Dates: 

  • March 7th & March 8th – Self Assessment Conferences – (Half Days)
  • March 28 – April 1- Spring Break