The Cooper School Daily

Having Adventures!

Westward Ho!

This week, your readers began their study of Westward Movement, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of all the times I played Oregon Trail when I was a child. Although we did not play this game at The Cooper School this week, we did follow the adventures of a boy named Francis Tucket on his journey to Oregon. This historical fiction novel allowed us to analyze the setting, develop a milieu of this time in history, and interpret what the tension in the novel tells us about this time period. 5th Graders noticed that this was a dangerous time with threats from the environment and other people. We looked hard at the different points of view in the conflict between white settlers and the Native Americans. Being able to analyze both sides helped us gain empathy and understanding. Ask your child what their favorite part of this book is so far!



This week we completed our first field trip to the James Island County Park for kayaking and paddle-boarding lessons. We all had a blast! In the kayaking group, students learned the proper way to get in their boats by using their paddle as a stabilizer. Then, they mastered the sweep stroke and reverse sweep stroke.  It was fun and wet! Ask your child what their favorite part about this field trip was!


Triangle Hierarchy

This week mathematicians worked with triangles and quadrilaterals to create a hierarchy. Students classified these shapes into different categories, or subcategories, by discussing their attributes with partners. Students “tested” each shape to see if it could move down the hierarchy list. For example, students recognized a shape as a triangle, they then had to check to see if it was an isosceles triangle, and if it was, they tested to see if it fit in the equilateral triangle subcategory. Mathematicians had fun working with these shapes!


Friday, April 19th-     April Break- No School

Monday, April 22nd-     April Break- No School

Thursday, April 25th     Spring Auction

Friday, May 10th   11:30 Dismissal

Friday, May 10th Pass It On (5pm-6pm)