The Cooper School Daily


What’s Your Heartbeat?

This week we have been doing experiments in Math to find out what our target heart rate is. We checked the number of heartbeats at a resting state, and then did jumping jacks, increasing by 10 each time to see how our heart rate changed. Mathematicians concluded that their heart rates raised until a certain number of beats and then leveled out. Students then decided if their exercise was more beneficial or not depending on their target heart rate. Ask your student what their target heart rate is!



Scientists this week observed a model of a stream being formed. Our focus question was: How do weathered rock pieces move from one place to another? We watched as a soil and clay mixture reacted with a standard flow of water, and how the mixture reacted with a flood-like flow of water. Fifth graders watched as the water absorbed into the soil mixture and as a “flood” occurred, the stream table overflowed and began to travel quickly to the other side of the table. Students then described the model using landform vocabulary such as, canyon, valley, stream, and river mouth.


Head of School for the Day!

On Wednesday, our Second Grade Head of School was in our classroom asking questions about our Fifth Grader’s time at The Cooper School. She asked questions like, “What has changed since you started at The Cooper School? “ and “What has stayed the same since you started?” She also asked about our Fifth Graders’ favorite foods! We had a great time talking with her and it was exciting to hear how her experience was going.

Important Dates:

Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day! No School

Thursday, May 30th- Graduation Day! Half day

Friday, May 31st- Field Day! Half Day (Last day of School)