The Cooper School Daily

Hello December!

Adding It Together!
Kindergarteners have been spending the week working on their addition facts within 10. Students have been so proud to show off all that they know about numbers! Using counters, connecting cubes, and even other Kindergarteners, students were able to represent numbers with objects. Our class concluded their week with some exciting work in math storytelling. We were so impressed by the number stories our little mathematicians were able to think up.

This Monday, all elementary students joined for Whole School Morning Meeting to talk about empathy! Students discussed what it means to be empathetic, what it looks like, and some examples they have seen in the world. Students spent the week practicing empathy and gathered Friday to discuss all of the ways they’d seen and shown empathy this week. Kindergarteners shared examples of checking on a hurt friend, inviting a friend to play with them, and even helping friends use the swings! We are so proud!

Donald Crews
Kindergarteners spent the week wrapping up our Donald Crews author study. Brave readers focused on the many nonfiction books written by Donald Crews. Students worked together to make a big list of the nonfiction topics that Donald Crews chose to write about including: flying, trucks, parades, fairs, freight trains, school buses, harbors, sailing, lights, bicycle races and even math! Students were even inspired to write nonfiction books of their own that were inspired by Donald Crews!

Important Dates:
December 19th – PJ Day & Holiday Extravaganza (11:30am Dismissal)
December 20th-January 3rd – Winter Break (No School)
January 3rd – Teacher Work Day (No School)
January 15th – MLK Day (No School)