The Cooper School Daily

Hello First Grade Parents!

 Welcome Back to School!

First Grade students eagerly jumped right in to the first week of school. Our Scholars spent a good part of each day making discoveries about their new classroom, practicing new and old classroom routines and procedures, reviewing reading, math, and writing skills. Additionally, we made sure to nurture relationships and build community. On Tuesday we joined students in older grades for Whole School Morning Meeting with Miss Franci and on Thursday celebrated our first birthday circle! Also, on Thursday, we had our second Whole School Morning Meeting and learned more about the new teachers by reading aloud clues each teacher had written about herself and having the student guess who it was!

 My Healthy Body

First grade friends brainstormed everyday things they can do at home and in our classroom to stay healthy. We identified physical characteristics that make each one of us unique as we launched the My Healthy Body unit. This unit is especially fun because we get to learn all about ourselves and practice good habits.  After reading Marvelous Me by Lisa Bullard, our scholars were able to identify, illustrate, and share the outside and inside qualities that they like most about themselves.

 Our Class Pet

We introduced the 21st member of the class to First Grade—it’s our class pet, a Leopard Gecko named Pancake!  We learned interesting facts about what our class pet likes and how to care for her. We then collaborated to write a story together about Pancake the gecko.


We are already building decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills in our reading activities. We practiced reading independently and choosing books that are just right for us as individuals. We discussed what strategies good reading partners use as they work together and then practiced reading with a partner.

We are enthusiastic to continue getting to know this kind and wonderful group of learners. We are looking forward to supporting and encouraging them socially and academically. We will learn and grow along with them!

Important Dates:

Monday, September 2nd:                                       Labor Day: No School

Monday, September 16th:                                      Kindergarten and 1stgrade Curriculum Night