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Heroism & Empathy


During our study of mythology this week students learned all about different archetypes that are found throughout literature.  The first archetype discussed was that of the hero.  Students discovered that heroes often embark on epic journeys where they are asked to complete seemingly impossible tasks, and succeed!  Next, we discussed the archetype of the villain.  Students were able to locate the villain in different myths as the person trying to foil the hero’s plans.  Finally, the archetype of the wise one was discussed.



This week young minds discussed empathy during our morning meetings. Fourth Graders know that empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. We discussed how this is not only important when someone is upset or unhappy but also the importance of sharing in another person’s joy or excitement. Scholars shared times when they showed empathy to other people as well as times when someone has shown empathy to them. We even watched a moving video showing children talking about what empathy means to them. Fourth Graders are great role models for showing empathy to others on a daily basis.



This week during basketball, 4th and 5th graders tried their hand (literally) at shooting!  We discussed the importance of shooting with one hand as opposed to two hands.  This improves the aim of the ball.  Students practiced shooting the ball into the air and flicking their wrists to create that beautiful spin.  After practicing their form without a goal, everyone got into groups to shoot into a makeshift hoop, the recycling bin.  We had a blast practicing our new skill and have now learned to dribble, pass, and shoot!  Next up, defense!

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Important Dates:

  • March 7th & 8th                                              Student Led Conferences  (Half Day)
  • Friday March 25th- April 1st                         Spring Break