The Cooper School Daily

Hesitation Blues

Yup…we made it. This “different” school year is coming to an end. On our way to GRP, I spent the four hours driving in either complete silence or had music blaring with windows down, relishing in the fact that I was actually alone. I found myself wanting to listen to rock-n-roll blue grass as I got closer to camp, meandering down the road with cool mountain air. However, on the way back to Charleston, I wasn’t as exuberant as I was on the way to camp. It hit me that it was over and that this school year was actually ending.

Whether it was the small cohorts, fewer social gatherings outside of school, or the masks making us work harder to connect…this year was memorable. I feel so connected to your children. All of them. I have loved them as my own. I will miss the ones moving to other schools. I will appreciate the ones I get to spend more time with as they grow next year.

Thank you parents for sharing your special kiddos with us. They make us smile, cry, work hard, and most importantly make us reflect on who we are as people and teachers. Cheers to another successful year!

What’s happening in Science:
Scientists finished up our genetics study this week. By using patterns, scientists created dogs using different DNA sequences. They also explored different gene combinations by making “gingerbread people.” They finished up the week working on the Egg Catapult Challenge. They used popsicle sticks, cups, cotton balls, and rubber bands to engineer catapults and egg packets to launch a raw egg 5 feet on concrete. Everyone was imaginative, collaborative, and engaged.

What’s up in Math?
This week, Fifth Graders finished up Module 5 which included area and volume of two and three-dimensional shapes! We reviewed and took our End-of-Module Assessment! We are all excited to finally finish this module!
Sixth Graders calculated the area of triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons! We applied these formulas and other previous concepts from Module 3 and 4 to place polygons on the coordinate plane! We finished up lesson 10 in this module then we reviewed for our mid-module assessment! Today mathematicians took their mid-module 5 assessment!

Important Dates:
May 31- Memorial Day-No School

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