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High Tech Kids

High Touch High Tech

Kindergarteners analyzed the world of insects and monarch butterflies on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Jennifer from High Touch High Tech came to share fascinating facts about insects, brought in real worms for us to touch and inspect, and informed us all about the amazing life cycle of the butterfly. Kindergarteners participated in centers where they stared through goggles like a bug, touched bug exoskeletons, created life cycles and completed puzzles. Ask your Kindergartener what their favorite part of High Touch High Teach was!


Phonics Time

Kindergarteners have been learning all about Phonics. We have been studying other friends’ names and learning how to write them. We are mastering the difference between vowels and consonants. Kindergartners are able to pick a name out of the star jar and we then pronounce the name, clap the number of syllables and stomp the number of syllables also. Each Kindergartener will have their named pulled out of the jar and have a special cheer while we study their name. Ask your Kindergartener to sing to you our class star jar song!


All About Math

Kindergarten mathematicians have been working on numbers 1 through 5. Young mathematicians have been introduced to order and how to write numerals to answer questions. We have mastered the ability to sort by count using numbers 1 through 5. Your kindergarten has the ability to write out these numbers and count them using objects. Now we are on to explore numbers 6 through 10.


Important Dates

  • Tuesday, October 2nd – Kindergarten Curriculum Night
  • Friday, October 12th- 11:30am dismissal
  • Monday, October 15th- Make-Up Day
  • Tuesday, October 16th- Parent Morning Meeting (8am)
  • Wednesday, October 31st Halloween Carnival, 11:30 dismissal