The Cooper School Daily

High Touch – High Tech


Every week, our Word Wizards study six new vocabulary words derived from classic children’s books. These words are chosen to help students expand their reading and oral language skills. Each week students participate in listening to the words, analyzing their uses across different contexts, and formulating sentences. They are able to generate multiple sentences for each word, showing their understanding of the word and its uses. They also love to act out the words. Ask your child to silently show you “mischievous” or “mortified”.

High Tech, High Touch

Second Graders were thrilled to have a visit from High Tech, High Touch. Miss Jennifer came to do hands-on experiments to explore balance, force and motion. Second Graders learned all about different types of forces such as gravity, weight, wind, air pressure and friction. Our scholars participated in centers involving motion, such as balancing toy cars on tracks, using magnets to pick up objects and so much more. Ask your scholar what experiment was their favorite!

Plant Life

Our 2nd and 3rd Grade classes teamed up this week to prepare and plant our shared class planter box. We learned about seasons, soil, critters, and flowers. While some gardeners were busy tilling the land and clearing the weeds, our next group of friends came in and planted our flowers and plants. 

Important Dates

  • Monday, October 14th- Fall Break (no school)
  • Thursday, October 31st – Halloween Carnival (Half Day)