The Cooper School Daily

Historical Reading and Writing in 4th!


Over the course of the next several weeks, 4th Graders will be immersed in the subject of the American Revolution across disciplines.  Students will be reading, writing, and participating in centers all intended to teach about the Revolutionary War.  This week students began to write information texts about a chosen topic having to do with the war.  During this writing unit, students will learn the art of doing research and how to teach through their writing.



This week we continued our study of The Revolutionary War through nonfiction
 texts.  Students discovered that nonfiction texts are written in many different structures.  Some of the text structures that we discussed were descriptive, compare and contrast, and chronological.  Students learned how to not only identify the different structures, but also how to organize their thoughts in graphic organizers.



Magnetism has been on everyone’s mind this week in the Fourth Grade classroom.  Students had the chance to investigate a variety of test objects to see which ones were magnetic.  They soon discovered that objects made of iron were magnetic, and learned the concept of induced magnetism.  One interesting discovery made, was that two magnets were able to detect each other’s force through one of our wooden classroom tables! Our study of magnetism has even led students to create a “magnet museum”.  Students have found and brought in a wide variety of tools and toys that utilize the magnetic force. During centers, students are able to explore these many hands-on objects and solve how the magnets make them work.


Important Dates:


Thursday, December 14th     Parent Coffee 8am-9am


Thursday, December 21st     Pajama Day (11:30am dismissal)