The Cooper School Daily

History, Math, and Composting, Oh MY!

Week of February 24-28

Protectors of the Environment

Our students are so conscious of taking care of our immediate environment here at school as well as the world outside of the classroom. One of the ways in which they demonstrate this care is by composting.  We most often have our snacks and lunches outside at the picnic tables or on the porch. As the children finish their lunches or snacks, and as they clean up, they have been taught to place compostable foods in the large stainless steel bowls at the tables. The bowls are then transported to the “Compost Cone” and emptied. We commend these worthy efforts to be Keepers of the Earth.

Black History Month

Our First Grade students have been listening to stories and books about famous African Americans this month. This exposure is incorporated across grades and in Specials as well as in academic areas.  Some of these lessons have come while they are in Whole School Morning Meetings. Discussions about these special people and their contributions to our world have been substantive and energetic. They have enjoyed increasing their knowledge of American history and have learned a new appreciation of their participation in our democratic republic.

Tens and Ones

As we have completed our measurement module in math, we have begun to extend our knowledge of place value of two digit numbers. Emphasis is placed on building tens, physically using linking cubes, centimeter cubes, and drawings.  We are learning the meaning of “Place” and “Value” and how we use only 10 digits to build numbers to infinity by changing their place and therefore the value of the number. This is extended to work with dimes and pennies as representative tens and ones. They are excited about this knowledge and are proud of their grasp of these concepts!

Important Dates

March 2, 2020, 12:00pm – March 3, 2020, 4:00pm:    Student Led Conferences

Thursday, March 5 Middle School Info Session

Sunday, March 8 Daylight Saving Time Begins

Tuesday, March 17 St.Patrick’s Day

March 23 – 27, 2020 Spring Break