The Cooper School Daily

Hopping into Spring!


Students recorded videos of themselves reading picture books to their Kinderbuddies this week! Students were so excited to be able to share a story with their buddy, and were incredibly thorough in picking out the perfect book to read. We began reading Love That Dog by Sharon Creech this week in reading. Love that Dog is a poetry book from the perspective of a student, Jack, who dislikes writing poetry. Readers have enjoyed the book thus far!


Science has been extra exciting this week! We started the week by meeting our crayfish. The crayfish have helped us explore living things!. We named our crayfish, classified them by male or female, observed their physical characteristics, and even discovered that two of our crayfish have eggs! Scientists have also continued to monitor the growth of their lima beans, which have grown quite a bit this week!

SEL: Self Regulation

We recently moved into our new Social Emotional Learning unit. The focus of this unit will be Self-Regulation. We’ve been talking about how to control our bodies and how to calm ourselves down in frustrating situations. This week, one breathing technique we learned was “Roar like a Lion.” Ask your Third Grader to teach you how and when to use this breathing exercise! 

Important Dates:

March 29-April 5: Spring Break (Next Week)