The Cooper School Daily

How Have We Grown?

Looking at our own growth…

Middle Schoolers are in self-assess mode! Here at The Cooper School, we believe that students should take an active role in their own learning. This means taking the time to reflect on areas of growth and what they see as areas that can be improved socially, emotionally, and academically. Student self-assessment occurs when learners assess their own performance and is primarily used to help students develop specific learning skills that they will need for professional competence. This process may assist in making students more aware of and more responsible for their own learning process (“The Benefits of Student Self-Assessment for Academic Performance | Academ”, 2017). Middle School students and teachers have been working hard to prepare for March 7th and 8th conferences based on your child’s self-assessments. If you haven’t signed up for a conference time or date, please do so ASAP.

Did You Know?

Susie King Taylor (1848-1912) was the first Black teacher to teach openly in a school for former slaves. She was born as a slave on a plantation in Georgia, and later lived with her grandmother, who was influential in her education. Susie learned from a variety of “teachers,” including her grandmother, playmates, and white youth who challenged the laws and social customs that forbade the education of Black slaves in Georgia (“Who Was the First Black Teacher? The System Revolution | University of the People”, 2022). Susie was not the first African American to begin teaching, however. Before her time, it was illegal to teach slaves, and Susie attended an illegal school taught by a freed slave named Mrs. Woodhouse. Teachers like Mrs. Woodhouse educated others despite the danger to themselves (“Who Was the First Black Teacher? The System Revolution | University of the People”, 2022). But by 1862, when Ms. Taylor was teaching her students, she was the first teacher who was able to educate openly and legally (“Who Was the First Black Teacher? The System Revolution | University of the People”, 2022).

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Science:

Seventh Graders have analyzed and concluded their ecosystem in a jar experiment this week! They analyzed their results with evidence, considered potential errors, and devised potential applications from their findings. They also finished up their invasive species research project which they will present next week. Our final trip to the beach was dreamy! They collected the PARTS (plants, animals, rocks, trash, shells) collectively which we were then able to identify and consider our classifications. Next week, we will finish up self-assessment, present projects, and then get ready to move back into Social Studies.

What’s up in Math?

Seventh Graders are busy wrapping up their self-assessment work samples and goals to present to you all! They have had opportunities to revisit previous objectives and apply their learning to solve real-world problems. Part of the Self-Assessment process is making sure their work is ready for publishing. This means a lot of editing. We are not only focused on the correct work, but also the best presentation. Punctuation, spelling, format, and grammar have been some of our focus this week, as well as our math standards. I am excited for you all to see this beautiful work! 

What’s happening in ELA:

The Seventh Graders have continued working on their research-based essay. They are working on the final draft of their paper. Their research-based essays are due at the end of their ELA class on February 25, 2022. Your Seventh Graders have also been diligently preparing for their self-assessments in ELA and will be sharing their work with you on the afternoon of March 7th or 8th, 2022.

Important Dates:

March 7th and 8th – Self-Assessment Conferences