The Cooper School Daily

How To Be A Kindergartener

How-To Books
We spent a lot of time this week working on building our How-To books, as Kindergarteners explained all of the things that they feel they’ve mastered. Students walked us step-by-step through how to do all kinds of things, from how to make a donut to taking care of a goldfish. Students started by illustrating their ideas, and built onto those by stretching out the sounds of the words and labeling their photos. Once students felt like they were finished, they looked back at their books to make sure they hadn’t missed any steps along the way! We’re not sure How-To get any more excited about all of the fantastic writing and thinking going on in our classroom.

Math Measurements
Kindergarteners spent the week in math comparing items by height, and getting a bit more specific. Students were challenged this week to look at several items and sort them by their length and also work on their new skill of starting to measure with an item’s endpoint. Our class was very excited to explore their classroom with yarn to find items either longer or shorter. As the week continued, Kindergarteners continued their practice by sorting the items in a mystery bag by length, including popsicle sticks, glue sticks, scissors, pencils, erasers and more! We are proud to see our Mathematicians grow!

Read Aloud Connections
This week during our read-aloud of Jenny Goes to Sea,  our favorite feline character  wrapped up her passage around the world on the good ship Sea Queen! As we were enjoying our daily reading, our yoga teacher, Ms. Courtney, happened to hear a bit of our story where lovable Jenny Linsky and her brothers, Edward and Checkers, were stopped at port in Singapore and then in Bangkok. Ms. Courtney recently lived in Bangkok and has visited Singapore, and was so excited to share her real-life connections to our class read-aloud! She taught Kindergarteners about the amazing culture, customs, and landmarks of Bangkok, described in Jenny’s adventures!  Kindergarteners were thrilled to share wonders about her experiences and learn more about their yoga teacher!

Important Dates:
January 18 – MLK Day – No School
February 15 – February 16 – February Break